• Flour sifter - Hand and battery operated flour sifters

    A quality flour sifter ensures simple and quick sieving, resulting in a more pleasant cooking. The sifters are perfect for breaking flour groups, do not require any effect of use and are available at affordable prices in different sizes, designs and configurations. A tight-handled sifter, a traditional sifter (trigger) or a crank flour sifter are all kinds of baking tools perfect for sifting flour, powdered sugar or similar sifted ingredients for cakes or cakes.

    Popular models of flour sifters for sale include

    • Oxo Good Grips flour sifter

    Simple operation with one hand, the Oxo manufactured it by building the sifter in stainless steel, with a wide and comfortable handle, upper and lower sealing caps, and recorded gram and cup measurements. Its screening mechanism; A light shake from side to side, requires little effort to implement the perfect flour. Dimensions: 5 inches x 7 inches x 5 inches. Weight: 8 oz.

    • Mrs. Anderson 3-cup crank flour sifter

    With the ideal size for most screening needs, the Mrs. Andersons 3-cup sifter, with its stainless steel construction, crank, mesh screen, wire agitator and engraved volume marks, offers a solid and functional sifter to break groups or air the flour for more volume. Dimensions: 6 inches x 5.9 inches x 5.5 inches. Weight: 12 oz. Also available in models of 1 or 5 cups.

    • 8-cup Thunder Group flour sifter

    Another of the stainless steel screening tools, the well-screened 8-cup Thunder Group sifter is designed with a 4-wire agitator to properly sift a high volume of flour for a wide variety of applications: perfect for a homemade chef, restaurant, pizzeria, buffet, catering, etc. Dimensions: 8.8 inches x 6.2 inches x 6.8 inches. Weight: 32 oz. 

    Sift flour quickly and efficiently

    Useful features of a hand-held flour sifter include top and bottom lids to prevent a mess in the kitchen cabinet, a comfortable, large-capacity handle and a fine mesh screen.

    A plastic or stainless steel flour sifter is constructed with a simple design and a screening mechanism, with the sifter side by side perfect for people prone to discomfort of the fingers, such as fatigue or arthritis, which eliminates the need for squeeze a handle over and over or pull a lever.

    Automatic sifter: sift a lot of flour

    Remove impurities from the flour, save time and effort, with a flour sifter or an electric flour sifter, easy to use, quiet and high volume.

    An easy-to-operate alternative to tighten a handle or turn a crank is the battery-operated, food-grade plastic sifter that accepts a capacity of 3 or 4 cups. Pour the desired volume of flour, press a button, wait 1.5 minutes and leave the sifted flour ready to use.

    Sift up to 2 kg of baking flour, powder, baking soda and similar dry ingredients, with a solid and well-made electric sifter. Relying on its 70 mesh screen, 2-speed motor and vibration operation, avoiding lumps, agglomerations and unwanted particles, as well as to shorten the total baking time, frustration and work involved in the preparation work, for a Full automatic sieving process, with one hand.

    8-cup Norpro stainless steel crank sifter

    A useful and simple manual or automatic flour sifter contains a large volume of flour, is sifted in a short time and is perfect for recipes baked from scratch that need sifted ingredients: a perfect tool for a chef or those who simply enjoy baking at home.

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